This is just a brief making of I have prepared about my first experience in creating a realistic head character and capturing a celebrity likeness. The portrait is of the great actor Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins (Dr. Hannibal Lecter) around…


Recently one of my 3D works “Shah Mosque” which was a part of the 3D Virtual Tour project printed in 3ds Max 2014 Bible by WILEY Publishing. I would like to thank the author Kelly L. Murdock for the support. 


My newest project is a short video intro in order to introduce famous cities and monuments of the USA in form of a 3D cartoon planet to children. Famous places like New York City, Miami FL, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King…


Recently I have involved in “Burn To Shine” short animation movie by UNDERDOGS Animation Studio as Texture Artist and I am responsible to work on two environments and some props. This great movie is passing its final days and will release to attend in upcoming festivals soon….


Here is another Making of I’ve published on 3dtotal.com and explained more about Modeling and the movie I’ve inspired in creating this character. Actually for this character I started modeling without any primary sketch. I only referred to references I prepared from the great…